Posted in February 2012

Violent Sneezing and Weekends

R.O.D. There’s nothing quite like waking up in the middle of the night because you’re having an incredible sneezing attack. Or in my case, a violent set of sneezes that rocks your already busted tailbone. I hope and pray that each of you never has to feel that type of body-wrenching pain in the middle … Continue reading

4 Miles and and a Broken, Saggy Ass

R.O.D.(Run of the Day) Today’s run was limited by, wait for it…my busted ass. Yes, you read that correctly: I currently have a snowboard injury-induced busted ass. More formally, a bruised tailbone. But let’s be honest; it’s so much more fun to tell people you busted your ass while snowboarding! Regardless, as I’m currently relegated … Continue reading

Hold on to Your Hats!

Welcome to my new blog! After nearly two years as a successful personal finance blogger, I’ve decided to apply my knowledge of and passion for blogging to a new, more personal venture (Yes, I still do the PF thing; No, I won’t tell you yet what that one’s called because I write it anonymously..ha!). If … Continue reading