Hold on to Your Hats!

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Random Pictures + Random Post Titles = Love

Welcome to my new blog! After nearly two years as a successful personal finance blogger, I’ve decided to apply my knowledge of and passion for blogging to a new, more personal venture (Yes, I still do the PF thing; No, I won’t tell you yet what that one’s called because I write it anonymously..ha!). If you’re expecting to read a synopsis of who I am and why I’m writing this here in the first post, click on over to the About Me page where you can read stories that tell a bit more about who I am and what makes me tick.

First and foremost, I will begin with a disclaimer that this blog has no direction other than helping me stay accountable with my race training. Therefore, I have absolutely no idea what you’ll be reading about here, but I promise to make it as entertaining as possible (disclaimer #2: I think “weird” is good and sarcasm will most likely permeate the musings in these posts). In the essence of creating some semblance of structure, each post will feature a Run or Ride of the Day (R.O.D.) and a Musing of the Day (M.O.D.). Other than that, the content of the posts will be left to the great unknown and deepest, most cavernous portions of my brain (scary!!) which is why this first post is aptly titled, “Hold on to Your Hats!”

As with my personal finance blog, I will always welcome comments and suggestions. Love what I’ve written? Please tell me! Hate what I’ve written? Tell me that, too–I can always enforce the beauty of comment moderation if anything begins to hit a bit too low below the belt (take that, biatches…mwahahahaha).

And for the record, some of my friends and family members think I’m absolutely nuts for doing this but to that I must respond, C’est la vie, Baby! I’ll only use real names when the people who they belong to consent, I’ll never discuss sensitive topics that could get me in trouble at home, work, etc, and I’ll forever be adapting, growing, and bettering this blog–much as I do with my life.


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