Violent Sneezing and Weekends


Satan Kitty!

This is totally how my cats behave

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the middle of the night because you’re having an incredible sneezing attack. Or in my case, a violent set of sneezes that rocks your already busted tailbone. I hope and pray that each of you never has to feel that type of body-wrenching pain in the middle of your epic slumber. As to the cause of this fit of belligerent sneezes?

The only logical explanation must be my kitties. I have no doubt that one of them found immense pleasure in parking their fluffy swamp ass (more on that in a future post) square on my chest as I slept in an attempt to scatter their litter-infested dander up my nose. As much as I love my pets, I’ve come to the conclusion that they are small, cute versions of Satan reincarnated. Stay tuned for future elaboration of their shenanigans.

Alas, this is supposed to be the part of my entries that lists my run or run for the day. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), today is a rest day as I prepare for the Hyannis Half-Marathon this weekend. No stranger to exerting myself the day before a race (because that’s incredibly intelligent!), I’ll also be running with The Most Informal Running Club Ever tomorrow at City Sports. If you’re in the Boston area, be sure to join us for a New Balance free-schwag-laden celebration of running and the Reach the Beach Relay. Comm. Ave location at 10:30AM–be there or be square.


Baby in Pool

Good God, I hope this has been photoshopped...

And on the subject of weekends, don’t be too sad when you realize that I’ll be taking a self-imposed hiatus from blogging over each one (just come back and re-read old posts…and COMMENT on them because comments make my heart siiiiiinnng). Now don’t get me wrong, as much as I’d like for every single weekend of my life to be filled with such amazing things that I have absolutely no time to blog (A weekend trip to Paris? Oui, Oui!), there will inevitably be times where I’m so motivated to write that I’ll break my own rules.

That’s the beauty of owning this blog: I can make/break/change/obliterate the rules any time I damn well feel like it. Considering that I’m the person who has been known to take 10 minutes to choose a pair of socks in the morning (Knee-high plaid? Knee-high stripes? No, polka dots! Hmmm, argyle? Oh, the choices; the pain! I’m just going to climb back under the covers and wait for the next sneak-attack from my psycho kitties!), there could be a lot of back & forth on this idea. Guess you’ll just have to stop back to see what I decide….


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