Posted in March 2012

Pole Dancing and Songs I Sing While Biking

R.O.D. After Wednesday’s run, my legs were feeling too much like lead pipes for my comfort level, so I’ve stuck to biking for yesterday & today. With my ride home tonight, I’ll top out the week’s bike mileage at 110 for M-F. Add to that last Sunday’s 12 and tomorrow’s ~14 to/from my pole dancing … Continue reading

Operation 6-Pack and Hump Day Ha-Ha’s

R.O.D. Alas, I am not talking about some silly challenge where you pound back six beers while twirling around with your forehead on a baseball bat all the while high-fiving those in the circle around you and intermittently busting out a few Britney Spears lyrics (seriously, if you can/have done this, you’re my hero). I’m … Continue reading

Hill Workouts and Hump Day Ha-Ha’s

R.O.D. Well, helloooooo my babies! I have missed all of your lovely eyes reading about my inner workings! The truth is, as much as I love writing this here ‘lil blog, I may sometimes have to take a brief hiatus to focus my writing efforts on my other freelance positions (cue epic groans of apathetic … Continue reading

Running the Boston Marathon and Gratitude

R.O.D. Nothing kicks a broken tailbone to the curb faster than securing a bib for the Boston Marathon 5.5 weeks before the event. Perhaps it’s my incessant need to always be moving or a complete lack of common sense (I’m ready to accept that it indeed may be a combination of the two), but I … Continue reading

Pilates & Roads Signs According to Massholios

R.O.D. Alas, the busted bootay has prevented yet another week of running. As someone who’s accustomed to being quite active regularly, you can imagine that I’m quickly nearing my point of “Please God, let me just do some cardio!” But before I cave to the incessant urges/instincts to just take off into the great blue … Continue reading

Out of Commission and Ridiculous Facebook Users

R.O.D. There comes a time in every distance runner’s life when you can no longer ignore the presence of an injury. In my case, it is accepting my doctor’s confirmation that I indeed have a broken ass (in medical terms, it would be a compound fracture of the coccyx–as evidenced by today’s multiple x-rays). To … Continue reading