Operation 6-Pack and Hump Day Ha-Ha’s


Alas, I am not talking about some silly challenge where you pound back six beers while twirling around with your forehead on a baseball bat all the while high-fiving those in the circle around you and intermittently busting out a few Britney Spears lyrics (seriously, if you can/have done this, you’re my hero). I’m talking about a challenge to bring back the 6-pack abs. Once upon a time in a magical land called Colorado, I was the proud owner of a washboard stomach. While I didn’t actually wash my laundry on my midsection, I did find great pleasure in the extra “oomph” having a strong core provided my running.

Given my abysmal training that’s going into my preparation for this year’s Boston Marathon (thank you broken ass and freak head colds that fell upon me on glorious, 70-degree days), I’m going to need all the help I can get. And so it begins, Operation 6-Pack. For the next four weeks, I will strive to adhere to the following, 6-pack-approved guidelines:

  1. More crunchin,’ less munchin’  Gone are the mindless munching attacks where I polish off an entire box of Kashi Sea Salt Pita Crisps (FYI, these are basically crack in a box–do yourself a favor and don’t even try them. If you do, don’t blame me for your impending pita crisp addiction!). While I will still need to maintain a healthy schedule of snacking and carb intake to keep my energy up for my various rides & runs, I will make a conscious effort to snack wisely. I will also re-introduce my once forgotten daily regimen of 100 crunches at the start and end of every day.
  2. I missed you, Mama Speed! Given that there’s been no real training for this marathon that warrants an official taper, I’ll be sneaking in as many speed workouts as I can in the next three weeks. This means you’ll likely find me running circles around the Tufts track, followed by a few stadiums. Mmmm, stadiuuuuummmmmms…
  3. Rollin’ with my homies. That’s right, I’m bringing back the exercise ball chair! It’s time yet again to subject my co-workers to my inner Mexican jumping bean.
  4. Pump up the jam. It’s time to pump some iron, baby! I’ll also be introducing a variety of ab-tastic weight-bearing exercises such as planks, leg lifts, scissor kicks, etc. Not one to bite off more than I can chew with each new challenge I take on, I’ll most likely limit strength sessions to 2 times/week.

I’ll be adding a small update to each post to highlight the latest & greatest progress I’m making with Operation 6-Pack. I’d also like to keep this up moving forward in hopes of rounding out my training for the Chicago Marathon, but I’ll cross that bridge when necessary…

Recent workouts:

Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Woke up with the cold from hell, missed a great race, but eventually forced myself to get my ass on the bike; ~12 miles
Monday: Still felt like poo, so stuck with riding to/from work; 22 miles
Tuesday: More to/from work biking action; 22 miles
Today: To/from work; 22 miles–5 miler tonight


For this week’s installment of the Hump Day Ha-Ha’s, I’d like to present the following montage of what life with my crazy kitties is like (to protect the identity of the accused, I have used images pulled from various Google searches. If you wish to see the incarcerated hellions in-person, please email to set up an appointment).

Cat Waking Up Owner

My cats commence "Kitty Circus Time" each morning around 5:30AM where they repeatedly jump on me, head-butt me, and scratch at me until I wake up & feed them. If I attempt to wake they while they are sleeping....

Angry Cat!

....this is what I get.

Cat Climbing Curtains

My cats have shredded both of my shower curtains and most of the curtains on my windows...


...and this is typically how I find them in the bathroom when I come home after work.


They love to watch TV, but they typically are pawing/meowing at the screen. Their favorite shows are Mad Men and SATC.

Cat Farted

They are a prime source of funky odors. Gotta love the kitty version of the Silent But Deadly!

Cats Wanting People Food

My cats are not this well-behaved while I eat--they are constantly stealing food from my plate. Sir Salt likes to crawl veerrrry slowly across the floor all ninja-like, thinking I won't see him attempt to steal my dinner.


And in what's perhaps their greatest feat, they've learned how to open the cupboard doors. In the span of one month, they ate 4 bags of tortilla chips, a box of granola bars, a block of cheese, 10 lbs of cat food (in one day--where they also subsequently vomited all over the kitchen), half a bottle of vanilla hand soap, and various other goodies that I'd rather have eaten myself.


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