Bike Ninja

Me, the Bike Ninja

When I was in Kindergarten, a friend of mine was being picked on by two boys for being overweight. Outraged by this blatant injustice and determined to set those hooligans straight, I promptly stood up in front of the entire class and belted out, “Just because ____ has bigger bones than you doesn’t mean you can call her names so I think you should SHUT UP!” Then I kissed my friend on the forehead and promptly sat down with a huge smile on my face. The boys, stunned and stammering, mumbled a few incoherent words and sank down into their seats. My teacher, impressed not that I yelled but rather that I had stood up for my friend, made me make apology cards for the boys and let me introduce the next read-along story about friendship.  I made the cards and introduced the story with gusto, but I realized then that I’d always be someone who stands up for what I believe in (and that I had one hell of a mouth on me…).

In 6th grade, I once convinced my parents that staying up all night to finish a science project was indeed the best way for me to spend a school night. When I woke up screaming as my mother was pulling a paintbrush out of my hand because I’d passed out at (a whopping) 11PM–nonetheless drooling on the freshly painted styrofoam solar system I’d painstakingly created, I realized that I’d always be someone who will stop at nothing to achieve the goals I set for myself (and of course, that I had one hell of a mouth on me…).

In high school, I ran track and cross country. As it typically goes with most small town sports-related stories, there was another runner from my school’s top rival with whom I’d continually battle for 1st place in the 400M & 800M dash. She once drafted me at a dual meet during the 800M, kicking it in with 150 meters left and promptly leaving me in her dust. A few months later, we again faced each other in the 800, but we were now at the county regional meet that would help determine qualifying seeds for the impending District competition. As history attempted to repeat itself with her drafting me, I knew exactly what to expect–and I was prepared. When we rounded the final straightaway and she began to kick it in, I yelled out, “I don’t THINK so!” as I sprinted right around her and never looked back. As I won the race, I realized that running would always be a part of my life, I was fiercely competitive when it came to racing, and…that I had one hell of a mouth on me (are you noticing a theme here?)…

For my 30th birthday, I spent the entire day completing random acts of kindness. By the end of the day, I had completed 30 RAKs, one for each glorious year that I’d been on this planet. In a future post, I’ll detail each of the 30 acts (now you have to come back to read more…pshaw!), but I have to say that it was by far my favorite way to spend a birthday. As I was placing heads up pennies all around the local square in hopes of spreading good luck to those who found them, I realized that I’m at my best (and absolute happiest) when I’m helping others, giving back to my community, and making a positive difference in the world no matter how large or small. Alas, this story doesn’t include any instances of me showcasing my ‘hell of a mouth’ (phew!).

So there you have it, folks. I’m a type-A, uber-energetic, competitive, over-achieving runner who has a big mouth and who relishes any opportunity to give back to my community. Love me or hate me, I pretty much always have something to say, I’m always moving at 1,000mph, and I’m usually attempting to juggle far too many responsibilities and “special projects.” While realizing that I sometimes have a tendency to say a bit too much or to exude a bit too much energy, I decided that I want/need an avenue for which to share my rants, raves, and races. And so this blog was born. Join me as I attempt to hold myself accountable for my training schedules while sharing my random musings, daily bicycle commuting adventures, incessant rants, and everything in between.

Hang on, because it’s bound to be a wild ride!


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