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Pole Dancing and Songs I Sing While Biking

R.O.D. After Wednesday’s run, my legs were feeling too much like lead pipes for my comfort level, so I’ve stuck to biking for yesterday & today. With my ride home tonight, I’ll top out the week’s bike mileage at 110 for M-F. Add to that last Sunday’s 12 and tomorrow’s ~14 to/from my pole dancing … Continue reading

Operation 6-Pack and Hump Day Ha-Ha’s

R.O.D. Alas, I am not talking about some silly challenge where you pound back six beers while twirling around with your forehead on a baseball bat all the while high-fiving those in the circle around you and intermittently busting out a few Britney Spears lyrics (seriously, if you can/have done this, you’re my hero). I’m … Continue reading

Hill Workouts and Hump Day Ha-Ha’s

R.O.D. Well, helloooooo my babies! I have missed all of your lovely eyes reading about my inner workings! The truth is, as much as I love writing this here ‘lil blog, I may sometimes have to take a brief hiatus to focus my writing efforts on my other freelance positions (cue epic groans of apathetic … Continue reading